At Surrogacy Management, we provide a tailor-made service offering guidance and management through the surrogacy process.

Dr. Neven Wassall, Ph.D., was inspired to create Surrogacy Management following the experience of bringing his own twin daughters into the world. He is based in London and can take you through each stage of your surrogacy journey, one step at a time.

We take great pride in ensuring that you receive the most professional and discreet service. At Surrogacy Management, we only work with very carefully selected experts, most of whom are located in California, with many years of experience. We are not tied to any single provider, which enables us to be completely impartial and gives us access to a wider choice of egg donors, surrogates and clinics.

We can provide different levels of service, depending on your surrogacy needs and time constraints. Our involvement can be very simple, whereby we provide you with a starting point, sharing the details of our trusted surrogacy experts (suitable for clients that have plenty of time to manage their own surrogacy journeys). At the other end of the scale, we can manage your entire surrogacy or tailor our service to meet your requirements anywhere in between.

If you are already using another surrogacy agency, we can still help to ensure that your surrogacy journey runs more smoothly with little or no hiccups. We can take much of the stress away by monitoring and reviewing each of the steps involved, by helping you to ask all the right questions and to understand all of the detail provided and by making sure that you are completely comfortable and satisfied in the knowledge that you are receiving the best possible service from your chosen surrogacy provider.


An initial consultation with Dr. Neven Wassall, Ph.D., will help us to understand your surrogacy requirements and desires. You will get to know Neven and learn what the surrogacy process can entail. We will agree on the exact level of service that you need. This can be as simple as putting you in contact with our trusted surrogacy experts or managing the entire surrogacy journey on your behalf (or anything in between!). When fully managing your surrogacy journey, you would typically encounter the following steps:

—Simple medical screening is arranged as directed by our preferred fertility clinic.

—Based on your needs and wishes, we present a selection of carefully considered egg donor and surrogate profiles. All of our candidates undergo thorough medical and mental health assessments.

—Legal arrangements are put in place to ensure that all involved have the highest level of legal protection and clarity.

—When pregnancy is confirmed, additional support can be provided so that you are fully prepared for the arrival of your child or children.


How long does surrogacy take?

On average, surrogacy takes around 18 months. This can, of course, vary depending on individual circumstances.

How much will surrogacy cost?

The overall costs vary depending on your surrogacy needs (e.g. do you need an egg and/or sperm donor) and the level of service that you require from us (e.g. would you like us to just put you in contact with our trusted surrogacy experts or would you prefer for us to manage the entire surrogacy journey on your behalf). During our initial consultation, we will discuss, understand and agree on your specific requirements. We will then explain all of the charges involved in detail to ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises further down the line.

What are the chances of successful pregnancy through surrogacy?

Surrogacy is an IVF procedure. However – unlike standard IVF – in surrogacy, egg donors and surrogates are specifically chosen for excellent fertility health. This results in much higher success rates compared to standard IVF.

Who are your clients?

We pride ourselves on our discretion and work with couples and individuals throughout the world irrespective of their sexual orientation. The initial consultation will determine whether we can help you or not.

Where are you based?

Surrogacy Management is a California-registered company. We also have an office in London.

Why us?

There are several factors that differentiate us from other surrogacy agencies:

—Most surrogacy agencies utilise the 'one size fits all' formula – our approach is tailor-made based on each client's unique requirements and individual circumstances.

—We are not tied to any single provider, offering more choice of egg donors, surrogates, clinics, legal teams and insurance companies – this makes us completely impartial and gives us more options and flexibility to meet your expectations.

—Surrogacy in California guarantees the highest levels of legal protection to any intended parent, irrespective of if they are single or a couple and regardless of their sexual orientation.

—Our intended parents are supported before, during and after pregnancy. We can provide advice on immigration for non-US clients (UK clients in particular) as well as offer practical help with purchasing baby equipment and finding maternity nurses and/or nannies, if needed.

—You choose our level of involvement with your surrogacy. This can range from us simply connecting you with our trusted partners (which will require much more of your day-to-day time and involvement) to us fully managing your entire surrogacy journey. We are very happy to be flexible too – we can ramp up or down our service as you go along.

—If you are already working with another agency, we can still help make your journey more smooth and less stressful. We can monitor and review all of your correspondence and paperwork, help you ask the right questions and alleviate any concerns relating to being potentially taken advantage of in any way.

—As we have offices in London and Los Angeles, we meet our potential clients in person and not via e-mail, Skype, etc.

—If you have chosen us to manage your entire surrogacy journey, this would be done by Dr. Neven Wassall, Ph.D., and not by a team of individuals – this ensures that you are not repeatedly providing the same information to different people, thereby reducing potential communication errors when sharing key facts.

—Our fees are completely transparent. We charge a flat fee for our services and do not mark-up any of the other costs involved – unlike the majority of our competitors.

About Neven

Dr. Neven Wassall, Ph.D., completed his science studies at the University of London. He subsequently worked for several large companies in a number of senior executive roles.

His passion for surrogacy started when he and his partner embarked on their own surrogacy journey several years ago. Ever since, Neven has had the privilege of helping others along the road to parenthood through surrogacy.



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